Growth Hacking Summit 2016

3 keynotes & 4 hands-on workshops

Monday, December 19th, Antwerp

What is Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective & efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are inspired by data and they use tactics like rapid testing, highly personalised content and social media outreach to deliver growth.

The first Growth Hacking Summit is ideal for people wanting their startup or corporate to grow by using a new way of marketing. If you want to learn fresh marketing tools & tactics, this summit is for you.


  • Marketing Managers who are sick and tired of spending too much on shitty marketing.
  • Startup Founders who want to grow their userbase & keep their retention stable.
  • Designers who want to improve their marketing skills.
  • Developers who want to use their skills for things that matter.
  • Sales Managers who want their teams to work more efficiently.

Confirmed speakers

Cain Ransbottyn

Senior Innovation Strategist

Sian Rees

Product Manager @ Teamleader

Vincent Pirenne

Innovation Strategy & Process Designer @ Board of Innovation

Justin Saddlemyer

Senior Behavioral Researcher @ Needle Strategy

Gunter Blanckaert

Global Head of Marketing Technology @ Philips Lighting

Vincent Dignan

Founder @ Magnific

Yannick Khayati

Managing partner @ Trigger


Day 1
19 Dec 2016

Growth Hacking: not just for startups

In this presentation, Gunter will disclose how Philips Lighting, a global corporate, uses the growth hacking mindset to get to real results.
Gunter Blanckaert

Why you don’t need to hire a growth hacker

Nobody likes to spend money on marketing. And certainly not on useless and not to measure marketing. Time to shift. Time to be more creative and find opportunities with a...
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Yannick Khayati

Growth hacking: 20 new ways to unlock revenue

Everybody is looking for revenue and profit. And growth hacking can help you out reaching goals faster and more efficient. Let’s discover 20 new ways to do so!
Vincent Dignan

Workshop: Why spending money on ads if you can hack the system?

Don’t follow the media, manipulate it your way! Few tips & tricks on how to (ab)use social media… let them work for you for free!
Cain Ransbottyn

Workshop: Applying Behavioral Economics to Growth Hacking

The purpose of this workshop will be to explore some classic findings in behavioral economics, and understand how they can be effectively leveraged in growth hacking. Following this, participants will...
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Justin Saddlemyer

Workshop: Design Thinking in an Agile World

What you’ll learn and discover: The power of practicing design thinking with agile methodologies. Harnessing continuous change to your competitive advantage. Steps you can take to make your business scalable...
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Sian Rees

Workshop: Growth hacking business models innovation

Starting with growth hacking has an impact on your general strategy. It creates new business models and a different go-to-market strategy. Is your company ready for that ‘switch’? And are your customers...
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Vincent Pirenne

Break and change workshop sessions

Time for you to have a drink and get to your second workshop!


This is a recap of the first workshop sessions. You have the opportunity to head for your second option. In total, you will have the ability to follow 2 workshops in...
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Urban City, 4th floor
Ankerrui 9, 2000 Antwerpen


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Meet omar-mohoutThe Growth Hacking Summit virtual host and ambassador

Omar Mohout is the godfather of the growth hacking movement in Belgium. He launched the Growth Hacking meetup in 2013 and quickly grew it to the largest tech meetup in Belgium with more than 2,500 members.

Mohout, a former technology entrepreneur, is a board member of high growth technology companies and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School. He’s member of the Board of Directors at and Mohout is a widely published technology author and a thought leader on radical innovation and the impact of all things digital on society and business.